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Why have music in your store?

Ever since birth we are exposed to sounds.
It furthers development and aids with communication.

Music affects moods and evokes associations.

Sound is the bearer of information processed by the conscious and unconscious mind.

It is therefore an amazing marketing tool.

Pay Licences for your competition? Dont be silly!

In South Africa you are required to pay a broadcast fee even for public radio.

This means if you played normal radio, you would run the risk of paying these fees just to have your competitors advertise in your store

With a Personalized Instore Radio solution from us, you have all your marketing presented without competition.

Why An Instore Radio Station?

If you are going to play music and advertizing in your store, you might as well get benefit from it.

Customers feel reassured when exposed to professional branded content.

Keeping certain products in "Front of mind" can influence sales trends in your Store network. 


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